Wallingford Museum

A brilliant bit of History in a gorgeous medieval building


Wallingford Museum is a colourful, delightfully intimate and family friendly local history museum.  It is housed on two floors of a medieval oak-beamed building in the heart of Wallingford in Oxfordshire, a Thames-side town founded in the ninth century by Alfred the Great.

From the Museum's windows, you can see the remains of the great ramparts of Alfred's planned town.

three special exhibitions for 2017

Wallingford Castle: the Inside Story features a wonderful new painting - this one by one of our talented Museum volunteers, June Strong. This new ‘artist’s impression’ not only includes all the latest interpretation of the layout of the buildings but brings to life many details gleaned from the newly translated medieval documents.  

Pettits: past to present gives an interesting history of Wallingford's department store, and the family who have run it from its beginning in 1856 to the present day. 

Ways to Wallingford encapsulates considerable research into the routes by which people have come to Wallingford over the centuries. It is beautifully illustrated with maps and photographs, drawing together information on river uses, the development of the road systems, the impact of the railway and also the great importance of RAF Benson from its establishment just before WW II up to the present day.