Wallingford Museum's exhibition 'Treasures with Tales' 2018

Plans for next year’s Wallingford Museum's exhibition 'Treasures with Tales' are just going ‘live’! 

Most of us keep treasured items - not because they are ‘valuable’ but because they have a special significance. So Wallingford Museum would like to ask you to share some of your ‘Treasures with Tales’ to create a very special exhibition for 2018. They are asking people to offer the loan of an object of any kind that they own that has a special significance, with a tale worth sharing. Objects can include anything, and certainly don’t need to be intrinsically valuable!  It might be a very simple thing - an ornament, souvenir, letter, picture, find, or a family heirloom - just so long as it has an interesting story behind it! The Museum volunteers will select some for the exhibition, but will also display a file of details of everything which is sent in. They’re hoping for a great response! 

Please email your details to: admin@wallingfordmuseum.co.uk or post your photo and tale to ‘Treasures’, Judy Dewey, Wallingford Museum, 52 High Street, Wallingford OX10 0DB.